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Hunting Farm Georg-Ferdinandshöhe in Namibia, Africa

Hunting Information

Hunting season: 1. February until 30. November.
Wounded game is regarded as killed. We cannot be held responsible for any possible losses, injuries, accidents, cancellations or delays. We therefore recommend that you acquire relevant insurance beforehand. Foreign hunting licenses are not necessary in Namibia. Your passport must still be valid for six months. No special vaccinations required. Renew only the general vaccinations like tetanus. High HIV / AIDS rate.

Subject to change without prior notification.

Hunting Vehicles
Bring along:
Weapon: min. Eo 2700 joule, (e.g. 30-06 9.3x62, .375 H&H, .338 Win or similar) Ammunition: 60 rounds or more, license/permit for your weapon(s),
binoculars and camera.

Hunting clothes:
Strong material, camo (no bright clothes), green or dark khaki. Long trousers, wide brimmed hat (no baseball caps) and leather boots are recommended.

Morning and evening temperatures can reach -8°C (May - August), we recommend you bring a coat (Parka) and gloves.

Solar radiation is extreme; sun tan lotion and sunglasses are thus prerequisites.

A good flashlight / LED headlamp, first-aid kit and a unsiversal power adapter is also recommended.

Trophies are professionally prepared by us and sent via a shipping agent to a taxidermist of your choice, or directly to your home.
Applications for gold-, silver-, bronze-, game field- and conservation medals can be made with and issued by the Namibian Professional Hunting Association.
Namibia Proffesional Hunting Association

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